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SLAVEY - Female Folk Quartet, Sofia
About Slavey Quartet

The female folk quartet “Slavey” (Nadka Karadjova, Svetla Ivanova, Liliana Galevska and Stoyanka Lalova to 2003 from 2004 Mariana Pavlova) is a bunch of sing talents - outstanding performers of the beautiful Bulgarian folk song. It was founded in 1991 by the famous Bulgarian folk singer Nadka Karadjova. Its poetical name “Slavey” (which is the Bulgarian for nightingale) completely conforms to the presentation of the singers’ talent - a harmony of one the best voices of soprano, second soprano and contralto. The variable repertoire of the quartet is enriched with songs from the motherlands of each of the singers. With the perfect polyphonic performing the quartet is characterised with unique sound and harmony. Each song is interpreted with mastership. technique and artistry. Like the nightingales.

The performers of the quartet are ex-singers of the State Ensemble for folk dances and songs “Philip Koutev”.

Since 1991 they have been singing in the quartet.
The repertoire of the quartet includes songs from different regions of Bulgaria and songs from different nationalities - Vietnamese, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Arabian, Macedonian, Korean and others.

The singers have sung as vocals to many popular singers like Lili Ivanova and Duo Riton.

Their tourings include:
1995 - Israel, Corsica, Germany
1996 - France, Spain, Austria
1997 - Austria, Greece, France
1998 - France, Kuwait, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina
1999 - Austria, France, Germany, Austria

The quartet has issued 4 CD-s, 2 audio - tapes, 50 video-films recordings of 80 songs, 2 video-tapes.
The quartet has participations in 15 CD-s in different choirs.
Single concerts - over 1200 in the course of 7 years.
It has recorded 2 CD-s in Japan.

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